Understanding the Timelines or Statute of Limitations on Personal Injury Claims

Statute of Limitations in Utah, Nevada & Arizona

Filing a Personal Injury Claim After an Accident in Utah, Nevada, and Arizona In the aftermath of an accident, the last thing on your mind might be the legal timeline for filing a personal injury claim. The law calls the timeline a “statute of limitations.” It is crucial to be aware of the specific laws […]

Merry Christmas in 2023!

It’s Christmas time and we hope you spend it with your families! The St. George Temple was recently re-opened, and those who wanted to were able to see inside the beautiful renovations made inside this historic, “old-fashioned”, pioneer building. We wanted to celebrate our community and the heritage that sets St. George apart. We have […]

Vehicle Stopping Distances

What are the stopping distances for a vehicle traveling 20 mph and higher? We were curious, like so many of you, so we did a bit of research to find the answers. The research started with a stopping distance of 20mph and worked our way up to stopping at freeway speeds of 80 mph. We […]

Need Insurance Claim Help?

Need Insurance Claim Help? Need Help with a Legal, or Insurance claim? Injury Smart Law, is here to help. Our law Office Specializes in Helping those who have an Insurance Claim and need help because they are not being treated with respect. The our firm has been giving this help to those living in Utah, […]

Car Crashes: 5 Simple and Often Overlooked Laws

If we, as a general population, are to reduce the number of crashes that occur annually, there should be a larger focus by individuals to promote safe driving by doing the five simple things. There were 62,000 car crashes were reported throughout 2016 in the state of Utah. It’s no wonder that some people are nervous about […]

A Great Easy Kayak Trip

A couple of months ago, a buddy and I took his inexpensive self-bailing kayaks to Lee’s Ferry for a short trip on the Colorado River. We floated and paddled about 16 river miles in the lower Glen Canyon Recreation area between Glen Canyon Dam (Lake Powell) and Lee’s Ferry at Marble Canyon, Arizona. We spent […]

Be Safe This 4th!

Fireworks, for most people, are as American as apple pie! We use them in celebration for beginning a New Year, celebrating Independence Day, celebrating State Holidays, the end of a production at Tuacahn Amphitheatre, to close a night at the County Fair, etc. When I was a little girl, the noise was so loud that […]

Cuts for Kycie

Last Weekend we Were Blessed with an opportunity to show our support for our community in several ways. One of those methods was to go and provide entertainment for a fun event called “Cuts for Kycie” This Fun event took place in the parking lot of Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design. It is the […]

Biking in St George

Recently St George has been going through alot of road Construction. Why? In this article the plans or vision of St George City is explained, in a way that will help you better understand why there is so much construction going on. in this Growing community Roads are usually made to help accommodate a larger […]

Gratitude Heightens our Quality of Life

As we begin this busy Holiday Season, let us not forget to be thankful and show our gratitude. Gratitude means thankfulness, counting our blessing and acknowledging all that we have. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life It turns what we have into enough, and more. a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. […]