Meet The Team

Jeffery Peatross, Attorney

Jeff first began working with personal injury clients and insurance claims prior to graduating from law school in 1987.  He was admitted to the Utah State Bar in 1988 and has had a practice focusing on personal injury claims for his entire career.  Jeff has handled a large number of personal injury jury trials (35 – 40) and “hundreds” of mediations and arbitrations.  From time to time Jeff is asked by his colleagues to act as either mediator or arbitrator in helping other attorneys resolve their personal injury cases as well.

Jeff practiced in Provo, Utah from 1988 through the Summer of 2002.  His practice allowed him to travel and work in St. George, Utah on occasion.  He has always loved Southern Utah and moved to Utah’s Dixie in the Fall of 2002.  He recently had the opportunity to join with Brad Harr and focus his practice exclusively on personal injury claims, always the most important part of his practice and his first love as a lawyer.  While plaintiff’s personal injury claims have always been the most important part of Jeff’s practice, he has had a number of insurance companies retain him to represent their client’s interests in injury litigation.  As a result, he has a “insider’s view” of how the insurance claims process works.

Jeff has two children, now grown, and a large extended family.  Like Brad, Jeff is an outdoor enthusiast, and has hiked many areas of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  Jeff also enjoys 4-wheeling and has been known to enter into an occasional short distance triathlon.

Jeff is excited to be a member of our firm and have a chance to continue to focus on helping members of the community with their personal injury claims.