Lisa Loris

Lisa easily identifies with the challenges those hurt experience in a real and personal way.

Lisa Loris joined the Injury Smart Law team in 2022 and is already loving it! She has lived in Southern Utah for most of her life along with her husband, James, and their six children. Lisa has a tender place in her heart for our clients.  James was involved in a life altering ATV crash […]

Laura Irvine

Laura Irvine loves being able to help clients deal with the insurance and medical pitfalls that are forced upon those injured in a crash.

In May of 2000, Laura Irvine and her family moved from Nebraska to the St. George area.  Brad hired her at his prior firm in July 2000 as his secretary.  As Injury Smart Law grew, we realized that her skills would benefit our firm, so Laura joined us in July 2009.  Her job and skills […]