Be Safe This 4th!

Fireworks, for most people, are as American as apple pie! We use them in celebration for beginning a New Year, celebrating Independence Day, celebrating State Holidays, the end of a production at Tuacahn Amphitheatre, to close a night at the County Fair, etc. When I was a little girl, the noise was so loud that I was afraid and would hide in the bedroom closet. As I grew older, I became awestruck with the beauty and magnitude. Every year we’d all gather around to watch the big city displays counting how many blasts were in each roman candle and ooh and ahh over the glorious colors. We’d also have smaller displays with neighbors at home.

As we see the firework stands pop up all over town, please keep in mind the safety concerns.

  1. Many animals are terrified of fireworks as they don’t know what they are. I’ve seen dogs run into the street trying to catch them as well as having heard of dogs breaking through large windows trying to get at them. Please be pet friendly with your displays.
  2. Shoot them off in an open area away from children, animals, homes, buildings, vehicles, and flammable objects. Be safe.
  3. Not all fireworks are legal in every state. Contrary to what some may think, this is not a punishment or government oppression. It is a safety concern. Only shoot off fireworks purchased in your location and not brought in from another state.
  4. Adult supervision and age appropriate!!
  5. Check to see if your city has any restrictions.
  6. Fire concerns.
    • It is illegal to light fireworks on State and Federal land in Utah, including national parks, state parks, Bureau of Land Management land, National Forest Service land, and Bureau of Indian Affairs land.
    • Dates / times they can be set off.
    • Locations where they can or cannot be set off at.
    • Always have buckets of water or water hoses available for any sparks that may happen.
    • Spent fireworks should be soaked in a bucket prior to disposal.
  7. Old fireworks from years past may not be safe. If it looks damaged or has a short fuse, dispose of it rather than take a chance on getting hurt. Also, please be courteous and clean up after yourselves. Don’t leave the garbage for someone else to clean up or to blow around littering our beautiful homes.

Remember, nobody wants to spend a holiday in the emergency room or at an urgent care facility. Please be smart and have a safe/fun Summer!!

For More information about being safe on the 4th, please visit this St George News Link

Written By our Legal Secretary, Laura.