Jed Harr


Jed Harr has held nearly every position in a law firm. helping him to gain a unique understanding of the law.

Associate Attorney Jedediah (Jed) Harr has a passion for helping people – both in legal matters as well the many ways he volunteers in community and youth sponsored events of both religious and city entities.

Jed has attended Dixie State University, Southern Virginia University where he played in two USCAA basketball seasons helping the team place top four in the nation each year, University of Utah, Concordia University in Boise, Idaho, and then finished his JD at the University of Idaho. Each of these schools has had an influence on who he is today.

Jed specializes in helping his clients in the early stages of a crash to see if a settlement can be reached. His goal is to relieve the stress placed on car crash victims by assisting with property damage, coordinating medical care, and negotiating settlements for injury claims.

Jed has a keen understanding of the frustrations that someone experiences when injured. In 2015 Jed broke his neck in a bicycle accident. He feels blessed to be able to walk, stand, and live the life he wants, but it’s not often that a day goes by without him contemplating his injury. This gives him the drive to advocate for his clients and get the help they need.