Dog Bite & Animal Attacks

Animals are a beloved source of companionship and comfort for many. But the reality is that thousands of people are seriously injured by dogs and other animals every year. The injuries resulting from an animal attack can be severe, potentially requiring surgeries, skin grafts, physical rehabilitation, and other medical interventions. Throughout all of this, it can be difficult or impossible to provide for the needs of your family.

Injury Smart Law has represented several victims of animal attacks and dog bites across Southern Utah, winning clients the fair compensation they deserve. We are ready to help you hold those responsible for your injuries, accountable for their actions and negligence so that you can focus on caring for your family, recovering your health, and reestablishing your sense of well-being.

At Injury Smart Law we understand that when people come to us after a dog bite or other serious animal attack, they are already under a lot of stress, and likely are still wrestling with the physical and emotional trauma that often lingers after these incidents.

We want to make our services accessible to those in need, and that is why we offer free consultations for personal injury clients. Additionally, Injury Smart Law operates on a contingency basis. This means that we are only paid when we win, based on the damages you recover.

Why Hire An Experienced Animal Attack & Dog Bite Attorney?

To give your claim the best chance of success, it is critical that you hire attorneys familiar with Utah, Nevada and Arizona laws, and with the various tactics used by insurers to avoid paying out policy maximums. The attorneys of Injury Smart Law combine their collective experience in personal injury law to fight for your rights. We understand how the law works and can give your claim the best chance to succeed.

The law is quite strict when it comes to damage and injuries inflicted by a dog upon an unsuspecting victim. Whether you are in a public place or step onto someone’s property for lawful purposes-delivering mail or packages, making a sales call, introducing yourself to a neighbor-a dog’s owner is fully liable for any bite injuries and resulting complications.

Injury Smart Law knows the various tactics our clients potentially face. We work with independent experts to help corroborate your claims. Additionally, we know what a claims adjuster will say to try and catch victims in contradictory statements.

If you have suffered an animal attack or serious dog bite injury, contact Injury Smart Law today for help in filing a claim.