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Personal Injury Law is complicated. This is true when trying to prove your insurance claim for damages as a result of the irresponsible acts of another the premier.  As a St. George personal injury law firm, our job is to help you understand what your claims are, the process by which the insurance company will evaluate them, and how to navigate through the insurance and legal system. At InjurySmartLaw we speak Insurance and Legaleze!

Our legal team is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals that know how to help you. Now, at our office, you are never a number or just another client, you can expect a friendly welcoming environment of friends.

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Like many things in life, the law is becoming more complicated. At Injury Smart Law, our job is to help you understand what your case is worth, what your right are, and what your claim is, the insurance company evaluation process, and how to navigate through the insurance and legal system. You do not have to face the insurance Giants alone, we stand in front of them for you.


Most people go through their entire life and never have a car crash where they are injured or consider the need for an attorney. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you have been injured due to the neglect of someone else, you will probably be frustrated as you battle your way through the complicated insurance company network. Call us; we can help.


Every insurance company has highly skilled people who evaluate claims. They know what you are required to prove, and unfortunately for you, they are experts at pointing out any weaknesses of your claim. Let us focus on working with the insurance companies and the doctors offices, as you focus on getting better and moving on with the next phase of your life. Our highly trained legal team will help you understand the legal process; you don’t have to navigate it alone.

If you have been hurt, be Smart; get InjurySmartLaw to stand up to the Giants for you!

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