Bicycle Accident

Bicyclists face considerable risks every day, as they are on the streets with cars and other motor vehicles. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, Injury Smart Law can help hold those responsible for your injuries accountable for their actions and give your family the means to fully recover from these challenging circumstances.

You Can Afford A Bicycle Accident Attorney

At Injury Smart Law, we understand the challenges that all bicycle accident victims face. And that is why we accept personal injury cases on a contingent basis. We’re paid only after you win the compensation you deserve.

Injury Smart Law has extensive experience in preparing for personal injury lawsuits. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages for thousands of clients and will leverage this experience to help bring your case to a successful resolution.

We offer free consultations for personal injury cases, allowing our attorneys to establish the facts surrounding your claim without forcing you to commit right away. Many accident victims have questions about what they need to do to get started. We can answer these questions, go over any available evidence you have, and explain what you may still need to do before you begin filing a claim.

After retaining our services, we will begin the process of pulling police reports, medical records, and any other evidence related to your case.

If a poorly maintained street was responsible for your accident, we will look to see if the hazard was reported recently to determine whether action was being taken.

Your Injury Smart Law attorney will work with independent experts to recreate your accident if necessary. In addition, we will help you deal with claims adjusters sent by your insurance company, who will look for any way to limit what they pay out on injury claims.

Injury Smart Law is ready to help you win a fair settlement, and the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

How You Can Prepare For Taking Your Bike Accident Claim To Court

In the aftermath of any bicycle accident, wait for the police to arrive – While a rider’s injuries often prevent them from leaving the scene, many bike accidents do involve minor injuries that a cyclist can ride away from. Do not do this. Call the police, call for medical assistance if needed, and wait for them to arrive. You want your account, and that of anyone else involved, in the police record. Even if a driver flees the scene before police arrive, leaving immediately after an accident can affect your claim in the future. Your insurer, or that of other involved parties, may try to argue that your injuries were not as severe as claimed.

Get contact information of witnesses or anyone else involved with the accident – Whether it’s a driver of the vehicle that hit you, or another driver that saw the accident happen, you want their contact information. Witnesses are especially important, as a bike accident can result in head injuries that may make it difficult to remember specific details about the accident in the future.

Maintain your medical and financial records

An accident can be expensive to recover from, and during that time you may be unable to work while also racking up considerable medical and insurance bills. Keep track of everything, collect relevant banking statements, and keep it all in a safe place. When you do file a claim for your injuries, these records can influence the size of your settlement.

Avoid speaking with claims adjusters

Whether it’s your insurer, or the one representing others involved in your accident, claims adjusters are trained specifically to find any evidence that could be used to disprove your claims, or at the very least limit what their company will pay out on their policies. The attorneys of Injury Smart Law are not only familiar with these tactics, we know these tactics, which is why we recommend you direct any inquiries from insurance agencies to your lawyer.

Be wary of what you post on social media after an accident

Insurance companies and attorneys have all used what is posted on social media in personal injury cases across the country. Your injuries may be painful, but you may have also recovered enough to be able to do some basic yard work or exercise. We strongly recommend that you do NOT post pictures of your activities on social media, especially any that could be considered strenuous. We also recommend that you do not discuss the accident in significant detail.

Whether your injuries are minor, or you have lost a loved one in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Reach out to Injury Smart Law today at 1-435-688-1919 to start the process of filing your claim and get on the road to recovery.