Serious Injury Attorney

Minor injuries – strains, sprains, bumps, and bruises – are an everyday reality of life. But there are some injuries that upend our lives, changing them forever. You may need a serious injury attorney. Sometimes they are the product of another person’s actions or negligence. Sometimes, the ultimate severity of these injuries is very obvious, such as with burns or amputations. But in other cases, such as internal injuries and concussions, the extent of the damage isn’t immediately clear.

Injury Smart Law has won settlements from those whose negligence or criminal actions have caused irreparable harm. We stand ready to help you and your loved ones win the financial assistance you need to recover from your injury, rebuild your life, and provide stability for your family.

When serious injury victims come to Injury Smart Law, they are often concerned about the costs of retaining our services. We understand that these accidents place families under emotional and financial stress, which is why we strive to make our services as accessible as possible. Injury Smart Law offers free consultations to personal injury victims, allowing us to establish all the facts surrounding your accident, and helping you determine if you have a case.

Injury Smart Law is paid on a contingency basis, meaning we are paid a portion of the damages you win in your serious injury claim. Whether it’s a settlement, or a successful trial in court, we’re paid when you win!

Our Attorneys Specialize In A Broad Range Of Serious Injury Cases

Your injury may be the result of an accident, or it may be the result of negligence. The accident could be the fault of individuals, a small business, or even a large corporation. Each of these presents unique legal challenges, potentially involving unsafe working conditions, a failure to inform victims about a hazard, or some form of malpractice.

Under such circumstances, you are entitled to file a claim for compensation, and a serious injury can further compound what you are owed. Injury Smart Law attorneys specialize in a broad range of these types of cases. We work with independent experts to corroborate your damage claims and disprove counterclaims made by those at fault, ensuring that when you do file your lawsuit, you will have all the information needed to win, backed by attorneys who understand the complexities of Utah personal injury laws.

Traumatic Brain Injury

The brain is a terribly fragile and vulnerable organ, and can be injured in a single catastrophic event, or through repeated traumas over time. A brain injury may be immediately obvious, especially in the case of serious injuries. But sometimes symptoms are subtle and can vary from person to person. The most common brain injury symptoms include:

  • Loss of balance and coordination
  • Dizziness and inability to focus
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Poor memory
  • Slurred speech and difficulty ‘finding’ words
  • Sensitivity to light or sounds
  • Diminished senses
  • Paralysis
  • Changes in mood
  • Difficulty performing simple multi-step tasks
  • Headaches, head and neck pain

If you have suffered a brain injury resulting from the actions or negligence of another person, contact the brain injury attorneys of Injury Smart Law. We can help you get the medical care and financial compensation you need to ensure the security and well-being of your family.

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