Nevada & Arizona MedPay Benefits

MedPay benefits are optional in the State of Nevada. We will have to look at your insurance policy to determine whether your policy provides these benefits.

If you purchase MedPay coverage from your automobile insurance company, they will pay a specified amount of medical bills which relate to your crash. In essence, the insurance company does not care who caused the accident; rather, if you are injured in or around your car, and have purchased MedPay Benefits, they will pay that specified amount of medical coverage.

MedPay (Nevada & Arizona) are not required. You may have no coverage, or you may have a lot. We will review your policy and help you determine the amount of coverage. It is not uncommon for an insurance policy to have medical benefits in an equal amount as the liability coverage. Ultimately, your claim is against the at-fault driver, so if you do not have MedPay, your reasonably incurred medical bills will be paid for by the adverse party’s insurance company. If you do not have this coverage, we can often help coordinate with the medical providers you have chosen so you can get medical care.

Once the MedPay benefits are exhausted your health insurance, if any, will pay the medical bills. When we settle the claim against the at-fault driver, we will pay back your health insurance company for any benefits they provide.

We will assist you with your MedPay benefits if you are having problems. However, like property damage, we try and let you handle these claims on your own because if you pay an attorney to help you coordinate the benefits, there is less money for you. Contact Injury Smart Law for a Free Consultation.