Truck Accident

Were you or a loved one involved in a truck accident in St. George, Cedar City, Salt Lake, or Mesquite? You may be entitled to compensation. The personal injury attorneys at Injury Smart Law have been representing trucking accidents throughout Utah, Nevada, and Arizona for many years. We can help you win a fair settlement, and get you on the road to recovery.

A trucking accident can completely total your vehicle, destroy other private property, and leave you with crippling injuries that will affect you for the rest of your life. You may be unable to work, costing you and your family a source of income, even as medical and insurance bills continue to pile up. We understand how challenging these circumstances can be, and we will accommodate you in order to take as much of the burden off your shoulders as possible.

At Injury Smart Law, we believe you should never be left to deal with a trucking-related personal injury claim on your own – nor should you be subject to the claims of insurance companies or the defense without proper legal representation. We always take care to learn the facts of your case to provide expert legal advice and recover damages.

Elements of A Truck Accident Case

Depending on the circumstances, the truck driver, their employer, the truck or equipment manufacturer, and even local governments can be named in a lawsuit. Our personal injury lawyers will often seek to prove the following:

  • They failed to exercise reasonable care.
  • Their conduct was directly responsible for your injuries or property loss.

In instances where the driver is not at fault, and we determine that safety equipment failures were the direct cause of your injuries, our lawyers will push to hold the trucking employer or those responsible for maintaining the truck liable.

The facts of your case may dictate that there are varying levels of liability. For example, a driver may be held liable for 25% of a truck accident, but if the brakes failed before the crash, the company responsible for the truck’s care and maintenance and part manufacturers may also be found partially liable.

The lawyers at Injury Smart Law work to establish the facts of your case to ensure you receive the damages owed to you.

How We Can Help With Your Trucking Accident Case

In the aftermath of any major accident, it is critical that you get the immediate medical attention you need. But when you are able, you will want to find a personal injury lawyer to discuss whether you have a case.

Injury Smart Law offers free consultations for personal injury victims. We will meet with you to help establish the facts surrounding your case and answer any questions you may have about filing a claim. We will help you get the information and paperwork that you have organized and explain what you may still need to gather before you file a claim.

Once you have retained the services of Injury Smart Law, we will pull police reports, medical records, and truck maintenance records, and collect eyewitness accounts to support your claim. We may even work with independent accident investigators to recreate your accident to better identify who is at fault. Additionally, we will help you deal with insurance claims adjusters who will seek to limit their company’s policy payouts to you or your loved ones.

We settle many personal injury cases and truck accident claims out of court. However, if your case does go to trial, Injury Smart Law has decades of experience in taking cases. We have a record of success, having won clients substantial damages over the years.

Refer Insurance Adjusters To Injury Smart Law To Avoid Claim Disputes

Whether they represent your insurance agency or the one covering the trucking company or driver that caused your accident, insurance adjusters are not there to help you with your claims. They are trained to find anything that can be used to limit insurance payouts. As a result, anything you say that could contradict a claim, even in a small way, can limit your compensation. If you are called by an insurance adjuster, refer them to speak with one of our attorneys and avoid getting caught in their efforts to minimize your claim.

What Documents Do You Need To Help Us Help You?

Hold on to medical records

A common tactic employed against personal injury victims is to downplay the seriousness of their injuries, and the costs incurred for treatment. Don’t lose any billing statements from your doctors or the facilities where you received treatment and keep copies of your medical records and treatment plans related to your injuries. These documents can influence your total reward amount should you receive a settlement.

Get Banking statements

After an accident, you could be left unable to work for an extended period. You can recover your wages as part of your damage claim, so any financial statements that can clearly show how much money you’ve lost due to your injuries will help your case.

Get witness contact information if possible

The chaotic aftermath of a truck accident can make it difficult to talk to witnesses, but if you can get witness contact information, do so. Your own personal account of events is limited to what you saw and experienced, someone else could have information that further corroborates your account and proves the negligence of the truck driver.

Take pictures of the accident

In the aftermath of a trucking accident, if you happen to have a camera on you and are no longer in serious danger, try to take pictures of both your vehicle or property, and the truck itself. You want to do this to preserve the image of what the vehicle looked like immediately after the accident. Even cellphone images can be useful.

If you or a family member were the victim of a truck accident, contact Injury Smart Law today to learn more about how we can help you file a claim, and win back your peace of mind.