Utah “No Fault” Law

What is the Utah “No Fault” Law?

Many people are confused after they’ve been in an accident and started to receive medical treatment. This is because they are told that they must bill their own automobile insurance for their initial medical treatment.  People are left wondering, “Why should I bill my own insurance company when I didn’t cause the accident?” This gives more stress and concern after what has already been a life altering event. So what does the Utah “No Fault Law Insurance” mean to you? 

The Utah “No Fault Insurance” Law simply means that your own automobile insurance will take some of the hassle out of getting your initial medical bills paid.  It is based on the premise that your own automobile insurance company and the automobile insurance company for the at-fault driver are in the best position to determine who should really be paying the bills. Thus when you are hurt, the initial bills will be billed to your insurance and covered by Utah’s PIP/No Fault/Bandaid BenefitsIn the legal process you also don’t want to find yourself in a fight with the other insurance company so the Utah “No Fault” Law allows your insurance to step in and fight for you. Our office at Injury Smart Law is here to make sure that you get recompensed for damages and injuries in the most beneficial way while taking into consideration your future needs resulting from the injury.

Our office is here to help you understand the legal process of what you need to do to recover. Don’t let the insurance company force you into doing something that you might not be ready for. Often the insurance company will want you to make quick decisions of when you are fully recovered, or encourage you to get treatment sooner than you may need, even though the surgery will be the result of the claim.

The insurance is there to help you: But at times it’s better to step back and evaluate what you want to do.

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