We are pleased to share The Emigrants by Dennis Smith for a time in front of our St George Office.

This prominent piece is one of only two castings, the other in Rebild National Park in Juland Denmark was unveiled on July 4th, 2000 by then Elder Russell M. Nelson, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
The “Emigrants” piece, also known as “Kristina’s Family” has a sister piece titled “Kristina” which stands on “the American pier” known as Amerikakajen which was the departure point for many emigrants to the United States, and sits about two blocks from the famous sculpture of Hans Christian Anderson titled “Little Mermaid.”  Kristina Beck, Dennis Smith’s Great Grandmother left that pier in 1866 to come to America.
Both of these pieces are a reminder of the vast number of valiant individuals who left their homeland to come to America.  Dennis Smith said of these two pieces “When you look at (them), you’re kind of brought in touch with your own family. This acknowledges the return of the heart to one’s roots.”
We are thrilled to host this beautiful piece here in St. George, a gathering place for many of those Emigrants!


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