Jed Harr


Jed Harr has held nearly every position in a law firm. helping him to gain a unique understanding of the law.

When Jed Harr was young, he told people he wanted to be a contractor, like his grandfather and father.  When Brad became a lawyer, Jed’s life began to change.  Jed began to work with Brad in his law firm.  This snowballed so that at one point or another, Jed has held nearly every position in a law firm, including staffing the reception desk, sweeping the floors, fixing toilets, running documents around town, building maintenance, Paralegals Assistant, Marketing Manager, Spokesperson, DJ, Events Coordinator, Office Manager, IT, Clerk, Case Manager, Negotiator, and finally Attorney.  These various positions have all been part of Jed’s education, helping him develop a desire to become an attorney and allowed him to gain a unique understanding of the law, how a case functions, and how to help clients.

Jed jokes he is a socially awkward homeschooled misfit; you be the judge.  Maybe his refined awkwardness comes from his time being homeschooled or that one time at college when he was 14, not a typo, 14 years old.  It was probably elevated when, at 17, he was forced to choose to either graduate that year from Dixie High School or graduate from Dixie State College with his associate’s degree.  The most normal and average thing Jed has done was probably his eagle scout project that is still in use today; ask him about it.  Regardless of what caused it, Jed’s awkwardness likely peaked between 2009-2014; when he attended Southern Virginia University, where he participated in two USCAA basketball seasons helping the team place top four each year,  sang in the school choir, and went on a two-year Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Taiwan.

Since 2014, Jed’s life has been completely boring.  He attended the University of Utah, Concordia University, participated in Law Review, then finished law school at the University of Idaho – Boise campus.  It’s not like he got married to his best friend from Bunkerville, NV; crashed his bicycle that literally broke his neck and took him out of commission for a year; took the LSAT; moved to Boise, Idaho; Started Law School; had a beautiful baby girl; crashed his bike again, breaking out his teeth; got a labradoodle; took the bar exam twice, moved back to St. George, and finally got sworn into the Utah bar.

On a typical dull day, which is very unusual, Jed likes to ride his bike, go to the lake with his family, take walks, backpack, canyoner, snowshoe, Jeep, camp, rock-climb, shoot guns,  get out into the mountains, or slow smoke meats to enjoy.

If you’ve made it this far down the page, you can see Jed has lots to talk about, and his years of working in a personal injury law firm have helped him become the person that can relate, guide, and represent you throughout your case. That’s why, in addition to Jed’s legal work in the firm, he has spent considerable time creating or filming informative videos on various legal topics and invites you to watch his videos or call him; he’s happy to talk with you.