Adventure Wednesdays Summer 2012

We know how fast summer flies by! This summer we look forward to creating many fun memories together with friends and family! Join us for Adventure Wednesdays. We won’t be in town and available to play every week, but will post here the adventure day, along with our planned destination.

Bring: Good walking shoes, a camera, water and treats for your family, (sometimes) a National or State Park’s pass if you have one and a good attitude.

Meet in the Harr’s Driveway at 8 a.m..  If you need directions, contact Marta at marta at (of course fixing the at in this email address to the @ and deleting the spaces – trying to protect against spam mail.)

Wednesday, May 30th    Elephant Arch 
Wednesday, June 6th    Taylor Creek – We were disappointed – the rangers wouldn’t let us in! We had three cars full, and they “limit” the group size to 12 so we decided we didn’t want to pay their expensive entry fees anyway and went to Red Cliffs!  It was a fun day!
Wednesday, June 13th    I wish I could play this week, but I’m a bit swamped 🙂  Let’s play in two weeks!

Wednesday, June 27th  Let’s do our family favorite Hike! – It’s a secret! We’ll take you.

Wednesday, July 11th  Baker Dam Falls and Reservoir – I can’t find a trail description so I roughed my own map to link here.  We have hiked this with scouts and family.  It is easy, I hope there is water on the falls – we’ll just have to go see :).   There will definitely be water in the reservoir, plan on cooling off there if not in the falls as well.

Wednesday, July 18th   It’s so fun, let’s do our favorite again!

Wednesday, August 1st  My kids are all voting Marble Mountain.  It’s a family secret those who show will learn where.  Easy short hike all ages enjoy.  No water walking on this one. It’s not far, we won’t be long.
Wednesday, August 8th   Scout Cave – This trail explanation isn’t the way we like to do it, we have a different start point, making it about a 2 1/2 mile hike.  Let’s do it from the top down. I’ll park my car at the bottom so we can do a shuttle back up.  This blog has pictures of the rock climbing part – it’s fun!  See you Wednesday!