Cycling summit addresses safety, freedom of the road

Utah "No Fault" Law

When was the last time that you got in your car and thought about the bicycle rider or the walker on the side of the road that you that you would see that day? Ok it might not be the first thing you think about but hopefully you do think about it soon after getting in your car. Living in St George has several perks, it is beautiful, it is warm, it has a culture of physical activity. Despite this culture that has been present for years, seeing a bicycle rider on the road is something that causes some to get nervous and lose a little control. Recently there was a summit that addressed safety on the road for both pedestrians, and drivers.

I have done several races, running, biking, hiking, you name it, and every time I am in one of these events, I cant help but think about the car that is coming from behind me, one that I can hear, but can not yet see. There are several thoughts that go through my head at this point, will they move over? Will I be far enough over to the side of the road that they won’t hit me? What can I do to be safe? Each time is a mental battle of focus over what to focus on more – the road or the car.

To the south west of St George there is a favorite training ride for most cyclist called Utah hill, Starting at Lin’s in Santa Clara the ride is about 40 miles round trip; fun fact the top of the hill is not in Utah boundaries. One morning my brother was riding it with a friend and they where on the return trip, as is not uncommon they saw a few cars coming the other direction but they were not worried because all they have to do is stay on their side of the road right? As the truck got closer a Nevada police officer decided to pass the truck. being a dotted yellow, it was ok, but also the riders where now left with a small shoulder on the side of the road. the officer, either not seeing the cyclists, or deciding that he could beat them to the punch hit the gas and accelerated passed the truck toward my brother. By doing this the bikers where nearly hit. When my brother got home he was ok, but also shocked that the officer was not willing to wait 3 more minuets to pass the truck. We all need to be aware.

Most people are not sure just how fast a bike on the hills and mountains in St George can go. I personally have ridden a bike at speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour, that is just as fast as the car in front or behind them. Of course it is safe to assume that bikes are not going to be riding that fast all the time. It is also safe to assume that for the most part people do see and think about bikers; but do drivers fully give the respect and precaution to cyclist they they need to be safe.

Recently The Law office of Bradley C Harr and Associates was able to sponsor the Cycling Summit. where bumper stickers were giver out saying “Share the Road”. If you would like a one of these bumper stickers please visit our law office.

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