St George Bike Race, Move it Tough Kids Crit Bike Race and Rapid Cycling Crit

Last weekend we were lucky to be part of a fun family event the Tough kids crit, and the Rapid Cycling crit. This was a fun St George bike race, and we had the opportunity to provide games and entertainment for those waiting for their race, or after they were done with their race.

For those new to Cycling you may not know the meaning of a “Crit”. A Bike Crit race is a race around a somewhat small loop for an allotted amount of time. In this Case the Kids Loop was around 800 Meters long and the Adult race was 1.2 Miles long. As a “Crit Race, the object is not to be the first one around the track once. A Crit Race is a race against time and eachother. As participants race they race each other around the loop, for the allotted amount of time for the race. This time limit ranges from 15 Min for the Children, to 45 Min for the adults. Thus Causing this race to have a bit of strategy as well as requirement to be physically fit. While Racing at faster speeds a race official will ring a bell signifying that there is one lap left for those in the front of the race. those behind them are required to continue racing until they have finished the same number of laps that the leaders completed.

This event was put on with multiple partners and we are grateful for those involved, It is through great partners that make local family friendly events like this happen. Some of the partners include: Brad Harr & Associates, St George City, Rapid cycling. Sonny Boys BBQ, Waffle bliss, and Maverik. With the Help of these partners there are several events that will happen in the near future that are going to be just as fun for the family. For a List of these events Visit You will find a full event calendar with all the local Family events.