Tribute to Veterans on their Day… Everyday!

Johnnie Johnson, grand marshal of the St. George Veteran’s Day Parade, gestures towards the American flag on display at the Tabernacle as he delivers an address on the subject of “Freedom isn’t Free” during the Veteran’s Day Tribute in the Tabernacle Monday, Nov. 11, 2013.

Recently we had the chance to honor those who have sacrificed for us to be able to live in this great country. I am so grateful for all those who have done so. We were able to watch our good Friend Johnnie Johnson lead the parade in Tribute. without these great men and women we would not be here nor Enjoy the many blessings that we enjoy here in America.

Every time I see the flag, I am reminded how blessed we are to live here in the United States of America. As an LDS Missionary in Taiwan I was able to see the things that I even now take for granted. I was known as a person that loved God, loved my family, and loved America. I fear that as this great country gets older day by day, people are forgetting the meaning behind the flag and the huge blessing it is to be in America. While the world is getting smaller due to the use of phones, computers, airplanes, cars, and all the technology that is so accessible at our fingertips, we take more and more for granted.

I am blessed to have a car and a washing machine. I have the opportunity to do what I want to do when I want to. I am blessed to enjoy the company of my heroes, and feel sadness when as a country we lose sight of what is important. Recently a lesson was taught to me ” How many legs does a lamb have if you count the tail as a leg?” the answer… “A lamb has 4 legs. You can call the tail a leg you can call it what ever you want, but that doesn’t change what it is.” Today there are a lot of things that are called by other names, even treated as different things; that does not change the nature of the object or thing. the great men that died saw what was important and what mattered most – family, friends, honor, charity, honesty, and the importance to stand for something. As we celebrated Veterans day, Please take a moment and consider what matters most to us! What are you doing to protect and preserve that standard? The Veterans, men and women in the Armed forces are examples of people that have thought what mattes to them. They decided that you and I are important, that their children where more important than themselves. To the men and women in the forces. Thank you! There is no words that can be spoken, nor single act that can be done for your support, work and sacrifice that you have given to us!!

God Bless America.